In 1991, before there was Hotmail, GMail, or Yahoo Mail, Zipbang.com started providing email for those frustrated with their email address changing as ISPs came and went. Since then Zipbang.com has kept up with the latest and greatest software and hardware so our users have had no reason to change.


Zipbang is served on Intel Mac Mini servers connected via fast Cox Business cable. Our servers are backed up nightly.

We use Canit anit-virus and spam filter hosting to stop most spam BEFORE it reaches our internet connection so spam traffic doesn't slow down access to your email or web site.


Kerio Connect from Kerio Technologies is an Exchange alternative that matches features including Active Sync® without the higher cost or down time.

We use Rumpus FTP, a mature FTP server for the DROP SHIP feature to handle large files with a user friendly web interface.

Just call (405) 819-5305 and discuss your needs. We are happy to help get your email and/or web site working like it should.