Drop Ship

A unique feature for Zipbang users is Drop Ship. Most email servers limit the size of attachments to under 10 megabytes and Outlook itself limits attachements to 20 meg. With the increasing file size of digital camera pictures and HD movies this limit can be frustrating. We offer Drop Ship to solve this problem.

Drop Ship is easier and more secure than Drop Box or other sharing services. Simply log into the Drop Ship FTP server and upload your large file. When you choose upload you are asked for a recipient email address. After the file finishes uploading to the server, the server automatically sends an email to your recipient with a download link for the file. They can click the link in the email and download the file at their leisure.

A new feature is out Drop Ship app. Download it to your desktop. To send a file, Drag and drop it on to the App. It uploads the file and puts a copy of the link on your clipboard so you can simply paste it into an Email. You can also track if the file has been downloaded.

Drop Ship files are automatically deleted from the server after 14 days so users don't have to worry about managing an accout or space like when using drop box or flicker.